How one can Stable his mind During the practice of Law?

Hello, well this is often one of the foremost asked questions in my knowledge and practice of Law even I asked myself this question many times. In India basically after completion of an academic degree, students get confused several times that they need to practice within the field of Law or they need to become a Judge or etc. Well from my point of view before knowing that where or during which area you would like to practice the crucial things which matter is that you simply got to know the law. Before brooding about practicing of law, just ask yourself if you would like to become a Civil Lawyer or Criminal Lawyer, does one really know that what quite Laws are there in the Civil or criminal law and how many sections are there or chapters are there and which section or which chapters deal with a particular law. 

Most of the time what I even have seen in India is students just get passed with a Degree of Law and that they don’t even the definition of Law. So here my point is that number one if you would like to become an Advocate/Lawyer then just practice with any of the Senior Advocate who has expertise within the field of Law and take guidance from them into your personal case matters additionally a minimum of 5 first years within the area of practicing into the Hon’ble Courts are going to be difficult as you’ll find out how to file the case, the way to draft a case, the way to stand into the court, what are the code, the way to speak into the courts, etc. 

First 5 years of practice within the Courts your earning graph are going to be descending per annum and believe me after those 5 years of struggle you’ll become someone who knows the solution to the questions as I discussed in my last paragraph and in these 5 years will earn a good knowledge of the law and your mind will explore in various sorts of areas which suggest is that you simply will start wondering one thing into the 100 ways. After these 5 years, your earning graphs are going to be into the extent of zero nowhere your time starts as much as you still practice during this field of law your earning graph is going to be ascending day by day.

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