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I am a quick learner who adapts to challenging situations comfortably. In addition, I possess good oratorical skills to put forward my point of view effectively. My thoughts are very unique in the difficult legal suits of my client and I work upon them with my genuine actions.

I’m passionate about assisting my clients by providing tailor-made solutions for their legal matters. Most importantly I always look forward to new challenges.

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  • Drafting of Legal Notices, partnership agreements, petitions, applications, or any kind of contracts What you do
  • Legal counsel and research on Company Law, Arbitration, Evidence Act, and Commercial law 
  • Legal content writing

Leesa Humane
Forensic Analyst & Content Writer

I am a passionate person who is inclined towards writing to pen down my creativity with a realistic touch. Forensic science has intrigued my research towards exploring new technological advancements asI have a background in forensic and digital marketing.

I am an inquisitive person with critical thinking, decision-making skills and interpersonal skills. I am constantly eager to embark on new endeavours.