What did pandemic costs to an Advocate?

Everyone within the whole world is suffering from this pandemic(Covid-19), I feel that Advocates are the one who suffers the foremost during this situation. There are not many job opportunities for college kids during this situation, albeit I encountered many students who face tons of problems in doing their internships. Even the Bar Associations of this country are so helpless now as they’re trying to convince the court to reopen it because lawyers are suffering tons in these situations. 

Now maybe my readers don’t believe or accept as true with me but trust me I had my word with many of the lawyers who were charging a decent sum of amount for consulting their clients and now they’re just charging a pin amount of money to earn their livelihood. Everything is virtual that’s why most of the clients don’t fear the courts lately that’s the rationale that why they’re not paying well to their lawyers, lawyers suffer the foremost. 

I appreciate Bar associations of this country who did help the lawyers by paying them a pin amount of money in order that they will survive, but it is not the answer. Even the Senior Advocates of the Supreme Court and High Court raise a number of the funds of these Advocates who are suffering tons during this situation and helped them. 

Even I even have seen that the majority of the Advocates had left practicing or their passion/field of work simply because of this pandemic(Covid-19). My suggestions are that the court must take care of this example where lawyers are encountering with their livelihood and open the regular courts with precautions, pandemic(Covid-19) cases are increasing day by day but courts are the temple of justice that never close so it must be open during a satisfactory manner.